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Scenes at a Picnic           by Ælfred Stewart                     Copyright © 2012 by Ælfred Stewart

It is Washington, D.C. during the Civil War's last days.

A young woman is taken into custody during the investigation following Lincoln's assassination. She is not arrested, just held for questioning.

Maggot-infested food, fouled water, and unfit living conditions meet her and her cellmate during the duration.

She pleads to be able to go and visit with friends - also incarcerated - for several days before being allowed to do so.

Among those she meets is Mary Surratt, arrested for conspiracy. The mature woman is traveling through the prison giving aid and comfort to all she can.

Without being interrogated, the young woman receives word of her release.

She rails at the adjutant for wasting her and his time and prays to God that the rest are soon released.

Especially her new friend, that unselfish angel, Mary Surratt.



The Last Voyage           by Terry Martin and Rick Whitney                     Copyright © 2012 by Terry Martin and Rick Whitney

This is the classic tale of Christopher Columbus' voyage to "discover" America. Even though he feels compelled to accomplish this feat he is plagued with feelings of doom and failure.

An unhistorical element is Amerigo Vespucci being one of the criminals on this first voyage (in truth, he was not).

The ship and the islands get in on the story and the end resolves the title: less than a month after completing the voyage to discover the New World, the Santa Maria ran aground on a sand bar and was left to rot. Not a fitting end for such an important vessel, which is the vehicle for the tale.



Assault on Hell [script]           by Volk Presmaren                      Copyright © 2012 by Volk Presmaren

Eric Patterson volunteers for a unique mission: mounting a military assault on Hell itself. He is pretty sure it had "wrong" written all over it in sixteen different languages, but he was ready for something new.

It seems the domain of the Fallen was not actually under the ground but in some weird parallel dimension which has ruptured a breech into our world. And on the front doorstep of the Vatican, of all places.

New weapons, new tactics, and a new way of thinking have to be employed on this mission. Everyone keeps alert though the streets of Hell's capital are enough to drive anyone mad. No one has a GPS much less a road map, and there are demons jumping out to engage them at every turn.

Once his squad gets split up, Eric is partnered with one other: Bennett Wainwright. Together they try to continue with the mission but discover several facts about Hell that Army Intelligence overlooked.

Working with the demon underground - yes, there were those who opposed Satan - they are able to get ahead of the troops and save them from a massive trap that would have brought both worlds under Satan's control.

[Also written as a novel and designed as a video game.]


Check, Check, Checkmate!           by Norman X. Scozzafova                     Copyright © 2012 by Norman X. Scozzafova

Beethen Camashaw, Senior Commander of the Lycron Federation Forces answers a plea for help and winds up being kidnapped by the Noran Emperor. Before diplomatic leverage can be used to free Beethen and his crew, Noran is interrupted by an Officer of the Kynor Empire who steals his captives. They are to stand up in court for the crimes of Lycron against the Kynor people.

Attempts to free Beethen and his crew come up empty-handed as they are moved from location to location. Eventually, the crew overcomes their captives and meet the rescue ship.


Someone Out There Hates Me           by Norman X. Scozzafova                     Copyright © 2012 by Norman X. Scozzafova

Vuch Zingin is requested personally by the Chairman of the Citizens' Council to protect him during an appearance. After a couple of more close calls, Beethen begins to suspect the Chairman is not the target after all, but rather his bodyguard, Vuch.

Setting up a ploy to bring the assailant into the open, Vuch acts as a decoy and discovers the perpetrator is not in any way politically motivated.

Is is just another of Vuch's romantic partners who did not take kindly to being discarded.


My Angry Friends           by Norman X. Scozzafova                     Copyright © 2012 by Norman X. Scozzafova

Zik Caton is inspecting a mining facility on an uninhabited planet in Quadrant Four and discovers the crew at the base beginning to display unusual and antagonistic behaviors.

Investigation leads them to believe at first that they have contacted some viral organism on the planet, then they suspect some strange gas in the mines.

Zik uncovers the truth: an alien being that had been trapped in the mine for years, that communicated through emotions and used anger, as it was the strongest emotion hoping to make contact with the aliens.


A Summer Place           by Stewart Walthal                      Copyright © 2012 by Stewart Walthal

A pair of young clerks happily take leave of their mindlessly boring jobs to enjoy a bit of rest and relaxation.

Alvin has listened to his friend rave about his trip to the Four Winds the previous summer and is a bit anxious. He and his girlfriend have recently split-up and he does not know if he's ready to socialize just yet.

Still, the reservations had already been made and he grudgingly goes along.

Soon, though, a young lady catches his eye and Alvin is having the time of his life.

The fact that her own boyfriend came along on the vacation does little to dampen his spirits.