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Ain't Miss Bea Haven           by Wanda Irving                     Copyright © 2012 by Wanda Irving

Bessy Hargrove is on the lam. She just really wasn't ready to settle down. Especially not with the likes of Mister Phineas Haggleworth. Though it was a very nice ring he gave her for the engagement.

Still, he took it the wrong way when she turned him down. Did he actually expect the ring and the other gifts back!?! Well, perhaps the ring...

Trying to stay one step ahead of Phineas' armed henchmen - even if they are uniformed policemen - she skips out for adventures beckoning in the west.

She does not take to the dirty western towns as readily as she thought she would and the rude locals keep thinking she's someone named Bea Haven, who is making a tour of the west.

After protesting repeatedly the "BH" on her luggage does not stand for the singer/actress in question, she suddenly finds the necessity of reversing her position and claiming to be that woman.

The west is probably not ready for two Bea Havens.


Jo Sixpack           by Wanda Irving                     Copyright © 2012 by Wanda Irving

She may not be the stereotypical beer-drinker that they've talked about lately, but her dad, Fred, could certainly put it away.

And her dad hasn't got a lot to do anymore since he had the accident at the plant where Jo now works. Her mother is a teacher and her younger brother is trying to be a rap star, calling himself "Sixpack Toopeer".

Jo still lives at home but has a steady guy, Charles Mecklen, who goes by the name "Billy", and a steady stream of co-workers with their own problems from finances, to unions, to pregnancy and unfaithful husbands.

Her life is so full at any time, she can't find herself.


Toucan Can-Can Cancun           by Wanda Irving                     Copyright © 2012 by Wanda Irving

Steve Reynolds is roped into a case of international intrigue without knowing what he's doing.

Everyone he encounters, however, seems to know what he's up to and help him along on his "mission". Far from home, he wishes he had not ventured into this bizarre situation.

And just about when everything seems to be going against him in this matter of intrigue, it all seems to end and there are no longer people lurking around every corner to nab him.

This seems even more confusing than the idea that he was a spy. Undaunted, he decides to investigate...


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